Really sor for the lack of updates on this side :(

I was torn between school, family, and music commissions in my other entity, Green Tabby Audio ( that this website had been neglected for quite a long time.

But no more! It's time for revival! There will be more updates from here on, be it original music, covers, personal and client projects (which are not under NDA of course). Let's start with something near. Here's a cover that I made with two vocalists, Adhiew and Megu. Due premiere tomorrow 2PM JST. Click on the image!


First live show in Japan!

As you may know, I started my career in various bands in Indonesia. Then I moved to Japan and started doing my own solo projects, making music for hire and releasing music digitally.

Language barrier, lack of musician friends, and lack of knowledge of Japanese music world prevented me to do live shows for a whole year in Japan. However, that came to a stop when guitarist/vocalist/songwriter KAIRU asked me to support his solo project as a guitarist.

Woot! Finally!

The show was held on 4/12 last week at Shinjuku anti-knock. My first show in Japan! Mind you this is only the first of a line of tour to promote KAIRU's latest single "PLASTIC". There will be more shows after this all around Japan.

So yeah, not only my first show, but also my first tour, ever.

Excerpt from the live show is embed below. See you next time!

Now open for hire, Free RPG Taster Pack is released!

Hi everyone!

A big update on my side. I am now doing services in music. This includes composing/arranging music for your videos or games, and also filling in guitar parts for your songs.

You could find more details by clicking the "My Service" tab above.

And with that, I'm releasing a taster pack of what I'm capable to do. This is a free set of 13 songs in ogg format for use in RPG Maker MV. They should also work in VX or VX Ace, though I couldn't test them. They are licensed for personal or commercial use in your games simply by crediting me.

Oh, did I mention that it's FREE?

Grab them here

image description

[Barrier] first EP release 290817

Album art

Barrier is my first official release as a solo guitarist. This EP contains four tracks and an intro, all of which are instrumental guitar music.

There are two versions available, the free version and the pay what you want (PWYW) version. These two versions are identical, I simply separated them because the PWYW version requires a minimum price.

The release will also be available on other platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. soon.

Grab the EP here!

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