First live show in Japan!

As you may know, I started my career in various bands in Indonesia. Then I moved to Japan and started doing my own solo projects, making music for hire and releasing music digitally.

Language barrier, lack of musician friends, and lack of knowledge of Japanese music world prevented me to do live shows for a whole year in Japan. However, that came to a stop when guitarist/vocalist/songwriter KAIRU asked me to support his solo project as a guitarist.

Woot! Finally!

The show was held on 4/12 last week at Shinjuku anti-knock. My first show in Japan! Mind you this is only the first of a line of tour to promote KAIRU's latest single "PLASTIC". There will be more shows after this all around Japan.

So yeah, not only my first show, but also my first tour, ever.

Excerpt from the live show is embed below. See you next time!

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